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ManagEIO Best CRM Software For Your Business

Welcome to the Manageio Software

Manageio CRM is an evolutionary cloud based software solution to help the organization to simplify sales process & sales force tracking and maximize employee engagement to transform strategies into measurable business outcomes.Manageio CRM is useful in employee location tracking & route tracking as well as in capturing their journey details.

It is designed for sales professionals. With input from over 100,000 users,Manageio CRM set out to make the best software solution for sales reps. Most sales professionals work across devices with their phone, iPad, and computer; theManageio CRM user interface makes Salesforce sales productivity software available on all devices. The mobile applications and customizable features make Manageio CRM the best apps for sales reps.

Manageio CRM is a Sales Management system but it is also a sales app for iPad and a sales app for Android that makeManageio CRM not only handy for management to get the data they need, but also convenient for sales reps. And when reps have all the information they need in front of them, marvelous things can happen to the bottom line.

What Makes Manageio CRM the Best Software Solution for Sales Representatives?


Build automated reports of sales conversion, purchase, return sales, and payments to analyze business productivity effectively.

Automated Templates

Build a library to keep all your frequent emails, proposals, Catalogues that allow access to permitted team members.

Track Employee & Attendance

Attendance maintenance is easier with a mobile-based tool that will build the attendance of field force by capturing the image, tracking the meeting location and their timings to calculate the working hours of the salesperson


Build accessible management of stock, purchases, and return sales to upgrade the inventory timely and keep your backup ready with managing your pipeline stock.

In-built Targeted Emails

You’ll be able to send multiple emails at one time from a single source to avoid the time-consumptions that too with complete privacy and security.

Monitor team performance

Track field salesperson location, the status of meetings, travel history to relieve your pain from monitoring team performance manually.

Easy Invoices

Create invoices in a precise way to increase the accuracy and minimize the chances of mistakes.

Customer & Sales Enquiry

Capture your sales & customer enquiries and manage it in one system, maintain and track the status of the enquiries in order to resolve the purpose of the enquiry. It allows you to fasten the speed of processing the sales cycle.

Reminder Notification

Get notified with the day to day reminders to access the potential leads, payment dues timely.